LETTER: The treatment of Donald Trump is an insult

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'Immature, childish and offensive' - today's letter hits back at the Trump protestors and London mayor Sadiq Khan.

Donald Trump protestors in their thousands in London during his recent visit to the UK

Over a couple of days last week the public demonstrations against the visit of Donald Trump – the man who was chosen by the American people as their president – I find immature, childish and offensive, even more so by the fact the mayor of London states the British people don’t want him here.

Well I don’t remember him asking me or many thousands like me if he had taken the trouble to do so.

Maybe, just maybe, he might have changed his mind, although I doubt it.

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Love him or loathe him he deserves better than that disgusting treatment, and as far as the blimp goes you only have to take one look at the person responsible, and ask him do you remember the thousands of American soldiers based here in England training in readiness for the liberation of Europe back in the 1940s, and the enormous amount of dead and injured among these brave men?

Well guess what – he and many others like him were not even born, and that goes for the mayor of London too.

Donald Trump's visit to the UK led to protests


I remember the American soldiers marching through the village of Wednesfield when I was seven years old, and remember young women bursting into tears after receiving news that their loved ones had been killed or missing in action, the rationing, and short supply of food, and clothing which carried on into the 1950s, and much more.

The treatment he has received is an insult to the American people and should never have been allowed to take place, but if this is modern day Britain then I want none of it.

I find it alien to my upbringing, and I ask myself what is the definition of the modern day so-called English person, just who is he?

Robert Westworth



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