LETTER: The banks are out of order

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I for one am fed up with the so-called service the banks are supposed to deliver.

A problem with banking?

The truth is they do not deliver a service.

You go to a hole in the wall to get money out to find it has closed and moved out of town.

So you try another bank to find it’s out of order.

We the people are being held to ransom by these banks, it’s my money not the bank’s. I expect to be able to get it out when I choose.

So, when are we going to get a government that will serve the people and get these banks to deliver a service?

That’s what they were voted in to do, serve the people. I never thought I would say this but let’s threaten them with nationalisation and stir it up.

I have no computer, I do not want one, they are more trouble than they are worth in my view. So I will not be doing online banking.

If there is one thing I cannot stand is being dictated to, this is what the banks are doing to us today.

Mr B Lawley



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