'No easy solution to plastic problem'

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No matter the subject, Peter Cole has a ‘plaster for every sore’, figuratively speaking that is.

'What can solve the plastic problem?'

In his latest letter, ‘Solution to plastic problem is obvious’ he asks; do our politicians consider other parts of the world before making decisions?

He doesn’t seek to expand further on what he has questioned but as he so often does, he uses it as a vehicle to drift into personal reminisces which he unfailingly believes provide the antidote to the problem in question.

Plastic detritus is worldwide and whilst I wouldn’t have the temerity to suggest that I know that much about politics, I don’t think our present government has taken a unilateral stance on the subject.

Peter Cole mentions that 15 years ago he and his wife visited Detroit to see their son (see what I mean?) and whilst there he noticed shops were charging deposits on bottles, refundable on return.

Is he not able to recall that we had a similar system in the UK in the post war and into the 50s?

Like most people I religiously separate our domestic waste into the bins provides by the council.

It is hygienic and convenient, reduces the rate bills and it is a boon for the elderly and infirm.

If they were lucky in my youth they were happy to give you the bottles to supplement what few pennies you may have simply to get rid of them.


But can you imagine lads and girls of today lugging them around the appropriate shops for mere pittance?

Certainly, discarded plastic waste is an ongoing problem but Peter Cole overlooks the fact that presently it is the increasing levels of plastic waste in our oceans which are paramount.

One thing strikes me is the explosion of cruise liner traffic that has boomed over recent years.

I would like to think that they dispose of all rubbish in an ethical manner, but when you consider the number of passengers, heaving waste overboard is an easy option and cost saving.

John B Waldron



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