Dangerous drivers need stopping – the law must be changed now

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I am glad to see that our politicians are looking positively into doing something about the continuing carnage caused by dangerous and drunken drivers, who in some cases give the proverbial finger to the judiciary.

In 2016 there were 449 deaths caused by drunk and dangerous drivers

It’s time the law was changed, to reflect the enormity of the crime, anyone causing death whilst driving should be charged with murder, or at the very least man slaughter.

These people are using vehicles as a weapon, they get behind the wheel when intoxicated, drugged up or just speeding for speeding sake which is no different to someone using a knife, gun or blunt instrument.

In 2016 there were 449 deaths caused by these people, the majority getting of a fine or a light prison sentence.

Let’s not see another family grieving for a loved one, change the law now!

It could be someone you know.

Keith V Joyce



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