Parking rules causing confusion for motorists

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Once again I feel I have to reply to Peter Coles article about parking on double yellow lines.

Parking on double yellow lines

Peter is getting confused with the law on parking on yellow lines when unloading and that of a person who has a blue badge.

The law states that any vehicle that has goods to unload is allowed to stop and unload the goods providing that the vehicle is not left unattended.

The law is different to people who have blue badges. In this instance the law states that a person with a blue badge can park on double yellow lines for three hours providing the blue badge is displayed.

This also applies where there are stripes on the kerbs, providing that there is signage that allows them to park between the permitted times.

His argument on parking facing the wrong way at night applies to all roads but is permitted in daylight hours.

This is simply a law meant to be broken as the police simply don’t have the resources to enforce this, and let’s face it Peter, you’re being a bit pernickety.

I travel regularly along this road outside the hospital and have to say that 99.9 percent of people park the right way and lastly when he states that he’s heard of someone using her diseased father’s blue badge, well there are people who will break the law and unless they are found out will get away with it unfortunately.

Bob Whitehouse



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