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Congratulations Gary Stephenson on his, for me, Star letter of the year ‘Think about space left on Earth’ November 28. He illustrates in simple, graphic terms the complete selfishness of the human race towards plants, animals, its own future generations and the planet.

The Green Party

A perfect example is the proposal to build one million homes in the area between Oxford, Cambridge and Milton Keynes. Together with our nationally dissolving green belt this is held up as something we should applaud in the name of economic growth.

Forget Brexit and international trade, the doomsday deal is just how much the human race can extract from our planet before it demands repayment. Obsessed with economic growth at any cost, and terrified of raising the population issue, it is pointless looking to the main parties for a real environmental policy. It then seems obvious to turn to the Green Party for a courageous, common sense policy on the issue. After all their manifesto states ‘We will act strongly on climate change and to protect the natural world we love’.

In September they sat at their conference in Harrogate, nationally surrounded by the choked roads and non-stop, rampant development that excessive population growth is creating and yet, even now, their manifesto does not mention the population problem. The Green Party do not campaign to protect the environment, rather they exist to provide an ethical excuse to let the population rip and in so doing destroy the global environment.

I have never accepted that religion (in any of its forms) provides an excuse for an excessive birth rate. As a practising member of the Church of England I could not accept a deity that, on the one hand gives us the logic of simple arithmetic, and on the other expects us to believe that you can get a quart into a pint pot. Well done Gary, I hope your letter is read by every member of the ‘Pale Green’ Party.

Keith Watkins



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