Mugabe is no surprise

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Surprise, surprise!


I am a puzzled man. Can I be the only person on the planet who is not in the least surprised by Mugabe’s intransigence? I cannot believe the amount of incredulity shown by the media and commentators by his resistance to tendering his resignation.

What’s the surprise? This man is 93 years of age, steeped in megalomania, conditioned by his self belief and convinced by his own ego centred publicity. Any self respecting psychologist will tell you that long established conditioned behaviour is very difficult to address, particularly when it has been reinforced by sycophantic public servants with snouts in the trough, and generals who, looking at their body language on Sunday as they squirmed in his office, obviously don’t have the backbone to stand up and be counted in front of the chief of staff.

I have worked in Zimbabwe and saw this coming as I was involved in trying to better the life of the Batonga people who were dragged from their home environment along the Zambesi river and deposited in a dust bowl. Sadly, when Mugabe goes...(and he will), his ‘fate’ will be to enjoy the life of Riley, having milked what was once the richest and intrinsically strongest of all Africa’s nations.

Dave Pope



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