Missing the spirit of Christmas

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The season of goodwill, and celebration of the most momentous occasion in human history is almost upon us, and the promotion of the day is in full swing, all sections of the media are falling over themselves to promote the biggest day of the year. The TV advertisements are full with the goodwill factor, red robed bearded men on reindeer powered sleighs are seen flying to children’s bedsides, and elves are giving wide eyed tots the tour of Santa’s toy factory. Meanwhile back in the real world, all are extolling you to buy this, purchase that, and spend spend spend.

Christmas ads are everywhere

Not once have I seen in the papers or on the TV a nativity scene, no three wise men following the guiding star, no crib, not a hint of Mary, and Joseph seems to be totally forgotten, as do the obligatory sheep and assorted livestock, and as for the stable, not a sniff.

The end of year bonanza for the retail trade has wiped out any pretence of religious observance, it has become a major milestone in the calendar for the multi nationals, supermarkets, and purveyors of overpriced tat to play on the conscience of parents nationwide.

Any religious overtones have well and truly been conveniently side tracked. Christmas now, today, is a marketing opportunity, a profit making plethora of big screen TVs, cheap booze, and the latest must have electronic labour-saving gizmos.

You only have to watch and note the amount of transmitted guff, and mind numbing dross that is purporting to be the 'spirit of Christmas'.

The real spirit of Christmas will be in the churches over the festive period, and while small nativity cribs will depict the birth and miracle that was the beginning of the Christian faith, outside their hallowed walls it's business as usual: “Give us yer money.” The gospel according to Argos, M&S, John Lewis, Lidl, Aldi Tesco etc.

Tony Levy



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