Be bold and admit Brexit mistake

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Since no-one seems to be prepared to take me on in a Brexit debate let me issue another challenge to the West Midlands.

Is Brexit a mistake?

Stand up and say that Brexit was a mistake and we want to remain in the EU and I guarantee the rest of the world will look at us with fresh and admiring eyes.

The West Midlands would forever be synonymous with courage, common sense and stability. We would be a region steeped in manufacturing experience yet at the same time modern in our outlook.

Who could resist living and working in a place with those credentials? I have personally criss-crossed every argument in support of Brexit and none of them stack up, even the ‘we were bullied into Maastricht’ claim.

Maastricht took several years to put together and the UK Government was involved all the way. The Danes wanted changes and they got them.

We could have asked for more changes than we did and even now anything genuinely harmful could be overturned with the right arguments and effort.

I see nothing but a negative outcome for Brexit: Places like Frankfurt and Paris are already fighting over our financial sector and I know there are many companies on the continent with advanced plans to take business away from us.

Pretending we can replace EU business with business elsewhere is commercial nonsense.

The EU has constructively escaped its negative past while Brexit will mean taking us back to our conceited and insular past.


Make the bold decision to Remain and make the world stand up and applaud.

Roger Watts



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