Americana too much to handle

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Has anyone noticed just how much Americana there is in British life and on TV?

No room for American culture?

I was channel hopping recently after an automatic retune on my TV set, and was shocked at how much violence, sloppy cartoons and inane serials there are from across the Atlantic.

And I watch British-made TV shows and see people high-fiving each other madly for the least reason, calling each other guys regardless of gender and acting silly, what I term grown-up children, mimicking the activities which cross the pond.

After a while it becomes tiring and makes one long for some Britishness, even BBC English! If we are to set sail on our adventure free from the EU, then I sincerely hope that we don’t adopt more American ways, especially the more violent ones as seen this past weekend in a small church.

We have enough loonies of our own. I suppose that many Americans are perfectly sane.

But when you sit and consider the evidence, namely racial hatred, gun ownership and associated gun crime, religion, Trump and a national ego which tends to assume that the rest of the world is crying out for the American dream, then you will see that we should have as little to do with America as possible until they become civilised.

When that will be is anyone’s business. Of course, staying a member of the EU and respecting our European roots would solve the problem to a certain extent.

We have no room for American culture in our way of life and those who say that we should regain sovereignty should also think that we should recapture our British attributes of fair play, broad mindedness and self respect.

It now seems that Mr Trump could agree with Scottish independence.


So those of your readers who moaned about Obama saying that we should stay in the EU should now moan about Trump.

Mr C K Millward



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