Jeremy Corbyn couldn't run a piggy bank

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I wouldn’t trust Corbyn with a piggy bank

Jeremy Corbyn

In the last seven years we haven’t had ‘economic failure, after inheriting a massive deficit from Labour, the Conservatives have massively reduced that while delivering a growing economy.

Yes poverty and homelessness are issues which need attention but they didn’t just appear in 2010, these are long standing issues sadly.

It is rather unbelievable he tries to blame the government for the collapse of Monarch, who have long been in difficulty and Ryanair’s issues.

Brexit was voted for by the majority of the electorate and a massive majority of north east residents. Liam Fox is doing a fantastic job of negotiating with other trade partners, while Corbyn flip flops on the issue and the Lib Dems try and stop Brexit.

It’s anything but chaos and I am confident we will be much better off out of the EU gravy train.

The only party which cannot be trusted with our economy is Labour. A shadow chancellor who has condoned violence and criminal behaviour in the past is not fit to hold our purse strings and I wouldn't trust Corbyn with a piggy bank.

Alan Davis



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