Don't kill the reindeer

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I am writing to express my disgust at the proposal outlined in Express & Star, October 12, to murder 200 beautiful reindeer just so that we can continue with the building of an astronomically expensive train/route which most people seem to think we neither need nor want – not least those people who have to be kicked out of their houses and have lost other property to make room for it.

A Blithbury reindeer

If people want to arrive in London half an hour earlier, why not catch an earlier train?

It would certainly save a few quid which we could then spend on things which we really do need.

We could then preserve such beautiful and historical buildings as we had before those people who seem obsessed with doing this sort of thing come along and say ‘let’s knock these down as well while we are at it’.

Let’s just drop the project now and cut our losses and the embarrassment of the person who suggested the whole thing in the first place. What’s the latest predicted overall cost of the project so that we can congratulate ourselves on the savings we have made?

Before, that is, the government, wanting to appease the EU, find by some skulduggery a way of transferring our savings over to them.

John Wilson



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