Debenhams disappointed me

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After reading your splash about the opening of the new Debenhams in the Mander Centre I was eager to check it out while in the city this afternoon.


I was looking forward to something similar to the stores at Merry Hill, Telford and in Birmingham – all great stores.

I, like many of Wolverhampton’s residents, have been waiting for this day for a long time. Unfortunately, having checked out two of the three floors (I did not bother with the lowest floor where women’s and children’s clothing was on sale) I have to admit that I was really disappointed with the store and the layout.

Considering the amount of space taken in the Mander Centre the store actually feels smaller than the old site when TJ Hughes had their shop. I had expected the store to have a similar variety of goods to the stores in Merry Hill and Telford but I could not find any of the furniture products on sale and I was disappointed with the variety, styles and prices of the men’s wear items.

I notice that the store has both a Costa coffee shop and a restaurant. The coffee shop takes up the area that used to be the site of the Tesco store so does not impact on the overall ‘feel’ of smallness, although the restaurant is larger than the space allotted to the TJ Hughes cafe. The restaurant seems to be laid out quite well but unlike most other cafes and restaurants that I have visited the menu boards are a nightmare.

It was impossible for me to read the menu boards above the counter without going right up to the counter. I found that unless one stands at the counter the writing is so small that only a person with 20/20 vision can read the print. I do hope that this will be rectified with haste (I have contacted Debenhams head office to mention this problem). There is a need for the information to be printed in a larger size so that one does not block the queue of people waiting to place orders while one is deciding what to choose. Alternatively, there should be a board with all the choices showing at the entrance to the restaurant.

I am really sorry to be giving such a poor review of this store as I had been expecting something really extraordinary. I will visit again when in the city but I feel that for me the stores at Merry Hill, Telford and Birmingham are much better thought-out and have a greater range of products. I do hope that the Wolverhampton store does well.

Let’s hope that I am wrong.

Robert Billing

Tettenhall Wood


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