Views just fuelling Brexit woes

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I have lived through many general elections, listening to the promises, the lies and disagreements, and even during my early days at school during the build-up to the elections we would form gangs supporting one of the three main parties, for even the Liberals had supporters directly after WW II.


We would organise football and cricket matches against each other which more often than not turn into bouts of fisticuffs. When the election was over and the winners announced all hostilities were forgotten and once again I go round to my best mates house to play with his model railway.

Why I had supported the Tories and he Labour certainly had nothing to do with political policies because at that time we knew nothing of such things, and it was only later when our fathers could not afford to take us to the Molineux because they had been called out on strike and money was short did we begin to take any interest.

Grown-ups were more or less the same, we could hear the arguments as we stood inside the outdoor of the local pub, but once the result was known, like true British people they accepted the decision and life went on. But then along comes the vote to stay or leave the EU and for some reason, after a democratic vote, the losers cannot accept the result and continue to fill the newspapers with reasons that are not worth reading about. Do they not understand the decision is final?

Yet while the newspapers continue to print the views of these people, the European negotiators will obviously feel they are in a strong position to demand more and will continue to obstruct any meaningful settlement.

Mr D Bodley



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