Concern over decline of city

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Your article reporting the announcement of the Government Hub at Arena Central doesn’t mention the adverse effect this will have on Wolverhampton. HMRC, the main occupant of the new Hub, currently employs about 400 staff at Crown House on Birch Street. Following the move, these staff will face the unenviable choice of adding at least an hour a day to their commute, or finding another job; Crown House, meanwhile, will be closed (yet another empty building in the centre of Wolverhampton). In the longer term, this represents 400 decent jobs that won’t be available to the next generation of Wolverhampton residents and a corresponding loss of expenditure in the City Centre.


PCS, the union that represents civil servants, is opposed to the closure of local offices, and local reps are campaigning to keep the office open. I’m sure that many residents of Wolverhampton will share our dismay at the slow decline of Wolverhampton.

Jason Jawando



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