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Now that Brexit is under way, and our exit from the ill-fated EU is on course, for us Brits to be free from the Brussels control centre, does this mean we can go back to the ‘old money’ understanding of our old ways, of weights and measures, i.e. pounds and ounces, etc, miles instead of kilometres, feet and inches?

Can we now understand the weatherman, who talks in old money, like Fahrenheit, etc? Can we have some good old boiling hot British summers, measurements of rain, snow and ice in inches, instead of centimetres/millimetres, all very confusing when trying to get your snowboard out!

What about a nice slice of a furlong, galloping along nicely with a touch of acreage, or a little drizzling of square yardage sounds much better than a kilometre.

Can I now go and get myself a dozen eggs, three pound of spuds, two pound of parsnips or two ounces of steak? Teddy Gray’s old herbals don’t taste the same, wrapped up in a ‘quarter of a kilo’ from ‘Euroland’.

Furthermore, I want to buy me petrol in gallons, not litres, I want my beer and milk in pints as well, I don’t want 70cl bottles of whisky, or even a litre, it doesn’t ring the same bell as a pint. I’ve got more mileage on my car now I’m in kilometres, the speedo’s doing cartwheels, going ten to the dozen (can I say that?) as it goes around every corner.

Thanks to our Nigel, we can now get back to normal, and enjoy our way of life, as Brits!

Mr M Addison, Wolverhampton


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