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The front page, July 25, beggars belief. Wolverhampton Council has to save £15.5m next year, so savage but necessary cuts will need to be made.

Immediately above that headline is an article about how the town is to be lit up in different colours to attract businesses and people into our wonderful town. The cost, a piffling £500,000. If the council has that much in its coffers, why not engage a few more teachers, social workers or keep a couple of libraries open?

In the past, the council has asked residents and businesses to join ‘forums’ to discuss the way forward for the city. While initial meetings were attended, there were no follow-ups nor any feedback. Is this because the ideas of the taxpayers did not fit in with the high visions held by the people with the money to spend? Does the council really think that lighting up the city will attract outsiders?

Take a walk around the city and see what would make outsiders more welcome. Better signage – where exactly is the Netto car park? An internal road system that makes navigating the roads inside the ring road practicable, as means of moving from place to place, rather than the video game it is now.

The half million might be better spent setting up a department employing someone capable of saying ‘Don’t be stupid. Stand on top of St Peter’s and empty the cash onto the streets below’.

Now there’s a way of attracting people into the city centre!

David Steele, Wolverhampton


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