Teach poorer families skills to manage on small budget

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How astute and sensible is the recent (July 17) and earlier letter of Jenny James.

She hits the nail accurately on the head as to why the current generation are so unable to think and care for themselves and need others to attend and minister to their every need. I have been expounding her exact sentiments for many years.

I totally agree with her comments regarding food banks (which incidentally, my wife and I support locally) and like her, whilst not condemning those who avail themselves of these facilities, would like to see a little more effort shown in trying to teach these families how to budget on their incomes. As an octogenarian, I saw far more difficult times during the Second World War when there was barely any of the social security that is available today yet you never heard of food banks.

She is also correct about the lack of teaching what used to be called ‘Domestic Science’. This subject was taught in schools to girls (and sometimes to boys) and gave a grounding of knowledge of cookery so that a home-cooked meal was prepared and not sent out for as is more often the case with these so-called poor families.

This is not the only deficiency I have observed in the present generation. In recent years I have noticed a decline in their music appreciation. Whatever happened to song lyrics? Most of the modern so-called songs seem to consist of only repeated phrases, at least every song of The Beatles was different. Are present day artists playing to a more dense generation who need repetition to understand?

John Chamberlain, Great Barr


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