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I can’t help but be annoyed, when I keep witnessing stupidity, the inability to think past a single action, and use that opportunity to solve more than one problem.

In this case, it is the canal brigade coming in to Wednesfield. If you are coming from the island on Lichfield Road, over the bridge into the village, you will see that on your left, the pedestrians are protected from the traffic by a wall. But on the right side they are not. And it is this side that they are in greater danger, because the traffic turns into them coming over the bridge from the lights.

So the side they are in less danger, they are protected by a wall, the side that presents a danger they are not. Doing whatever they are doing they could have altered the bridge. They did it temporally by putting in place a walkway on the opposite side of the wall, so it can be done, so why did not Wolverhampton Council take this golden opportunity to not only to make this bridge more safer for pedestrians, but to widen the bridge. It would not have cost a lot, for we are talking about the weight of people not vehicles.

Time and time again I see this inability of the people in charge to see past a single action. To see if they can use that opportunity to do more that one thing. If you have to do something then look at the whole of the picture instead of just one pixel, to see if you can accomplish more than one thing.

Prime example; one comes and lays down a new road surface, then a week later another comes and digs it up and the road is in a mess once more. So laying down a new road surface accomplished nothing, it just wasted taxpayers’ money.

What’s the problem here is there is no communication between departments. They are all acting alone instead of together and it’s costing us more money than it should because of this inability to work together.

Gary Stephenson, Wednesfield


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