Brexit makes it more difficult to correct pension problems

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The bean counters in the capital city have come to the conclusion that the proportion of state pensioners will outstrip the workers required to fund their lifestyle. Well that didn’t take too long to figure out; the phrase ‘baby boom generation’ and all its connotations might have given them a clue.

When the last servicemen returned from foreign shores in 1947 the population of these islands suddenly increased – many married their long waiting sweethearts and many more settled down with their new brides. , subsequently there was an explosion of new baby’s on the manor, and now Today, more than 70 years later, those babies are now grandparents and at least two more generations have appeared to fill the void.

One of those grumpy irascible old codgers is me, newly retired and feeling the effects. The phrase’ I’m getting too old for this’ starts at about 55 and can be heard up and down these islands every day, from taking out the rubbish, to tottering down to the shops, its the universal mantra of the crusty generation

I find it hard to believe that the heads of the department called ‘information retrieval’ haven’t correlated the findings from the YouGov website and the census statistics and come to the obvious conclusion that there will be more of us than them. By them I mean These taxpayers are funding our begrudged state pittance. Don’t get me wrong, it’s better than nothing, but falls way below what the rest of Europe’s pensioners get.

It’s just occurred to me – that’s why we are pulling out or the iniquitous and corrupt EU mafia: the government does not have to pay us geriatrics the going rate, just what they can get away with. , the rest they can boost their own over inflated pay packets. So that’s all right then.

The ‘Too old for this etc.’ cry also eludes to the crapola spouting from the lips of those wanting power in Westminster, do they think that those of us of an older persuasion are totally thick, being around a bit longer than most allows the wisdom of age to kick in, and see through the fog of deceit. When its all over and the government gets in, we will still be here, up front and in your face, not giving a flying fig, still grumpy, irascible, moaning and, to most irrelevant, but still alive and kicking.

I know what you’re thinking, who is this twonk? well, siSince you ask,

I am one of the faceless workers who put in 50-plus years of hard graft, paid all my dues, raised a family and would like to see out my days, in peace and tranquillity, and not to be lied, misled, browbeaten, talked down to., patronised and generally swamped by over educated non-entities, who are all brains and no common sense, I’m getting too old for all this.

Tony Levy, Wednesfield


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