This move on moped muggers is just the job

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Moped muggers

What a refreshing turn of events to see police in London tackling the scourge of the moped muggers plaguing the streets by knocking them off their bikes.

In an age where the justice system seems to be unfairly weighted in favour of the criminal, making sure their human rights are not violated in any way, this tough new stance appears to be a significant turn in the tide where the victim is the priority.

It is fantastic to see police tackling these perpetrators without first signing a health and safety disclaimer, carrying out a risk assessment and undergoing counselling for potential trauma caused by collision.

This is police fighting back, pure and simple. And it’s about time.

These muggers are targeting innocent people as they walk down the street, with no consideration given to their safety or wellbeing.

People are injured, traumatised, losing valuable items.

Their lives are deeply affected by the attacks.

And how are these idiots getting away with it?


They’re on two wheels so they’re going to outrun an officer on foot.

But they can’t go faster than about 40mph; they’re never going to escape an officer behind the wheel of a car.

So it’s not rocket science to work out how to stop them effectively.

And this action, officially described as ‘tactical contact’, appears to be working so far.


Police take action

One teenage mugger caught out in this way is said to have told officers that as he had removed his helmet he thought they wouldn’t target him.

Oh no. This is a brave new world of police not giving two hoots what you think.

If you rob someone in the street, then you deserve everything that’s coming to you.

And being knocked off your moped, suffering a few bruises, is, quite frankly, the least you deserve.

Of course, the next thing will be for them to claim their human rights have been breached, and suing the force for any injuries they have been caused.

But if there is any justice these cases won’t see the light of day.

Ultimately, we have to hope that this will act as a deterrent.

Let’s hope this is the first phase of the fightback and officers continue to take a tough stance, unfettered by red tape and safety legislation that serves only to act as a safety net around the criminal, protecting them from harm and leaving the victim to wonder where the justice is.

Sally-Anne Youll

By Sally-Anne Youll
Assistant Editor


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