So what if ladies rule the roost in Bodyguard?

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Who runs the world? Express & Star columnist Maria Cusine on TV's hottest new show

The stars of Bodyguard - Richard Madden and Keeley Hawes

Bodyguard. That one word has turned the usual Sunday evening blues (you know, that feeling you get with the prospect of returning to work the following day looming) into a rollercoaster ride.

If you need anything to distract you from the dread of the working week ahead, just switch on BBC1 at 9pm. I guarantee the political thriller will leave you transfixed.

Jed Mercurio – the fantastic writer from Cannock – take a bow. The man who brought us the superb Line of Duty has gone and done it again with this thriller.

Jed Mercurio

We’ve had three episodes so far and I’m well and truly hooked. Although I was hooked pretty much from the opening minutes.

It’s a drama which has got everyone talking, although not all for the same reason. Yep, it seems the fact there’s so many women playing high-profile roles has really wound some people up.

Cries of PC gone mad, moans of ‘oh it’s so unrealistic’ etc etc.

Really? So there’s a handful of women in top jobs, what’s so wrong about that? I mean it’s not as if we have a female PM is it? And look at West Midlands and Staffordshire Police forces. There’s plenty of women in top jobs there. So why can’t we have them on TV?


But why do we have to bring the whole man v woman thing up anyway? Are we that bothered if the lead roles are played by women or men? I think not.

And who cares if certain aspects are a tad unrealistic. I watch TV for entertainment, and frankly, to switch off from the real world.

A show that keeps you so hooked you can switch off from your stresses and strains of daily life gets a big thumbs-up from me.

I don’t care if women are in the senior jobs – and let’s not forget the person in the lead role of the Bodyguard, is a man!


And what a man he is (am I allowed to say that without causing offence?) Richard Madden plays the brooding Sergeant David Budd. He can be my bodyguard anytime.

But why do people have to bring the battle of the sexes, equality, diversity blah blah blah into it?

The next thing they’ll be complaining about will be the steamy scenes between the bodyguard and the Home Secretary. Oh wait, they already are.

Thankfully it’s only the minority who feel the need to moan about it all.

The viewing figures speak for themselves. Around seven million have tuned into each episode so far.

Credit to Jed and to the main stars Madden and Keeley Hawes – who have kept us gripped.

If you don’t like Bodyguard, switch over. Step into costume drama Vanity Fair instead.

Not sure if that tamer option will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat as its BBC rival does.

Line of Duty was packed with nail-biting tension. Bodyguard takes it another step further.

What was in that briefcase? Whodunnit?

Does he love her, hate her, or what?

Sunday night can’t come round soon enough for me!

Maria Cusine

By Maria Cusine

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