Star comment: Government doesn't control energy costs but must do more

Incomes will fall, costs will rise and almost everyone will be worse off.

Britain isn’t the only nation that is suffering spiralling energy prices.

Across Europe and the rest of the world, costs are rising as Vladimir Putin digs in with his war in Ukraine. He and other oil-rich nations are profiting to the tune of billions of pounds as they gouge prices.

In the UK, almost half of Britons questioned on the UK’s current energy crisis blame the Government more than the energy firms. In fact, energy costs are not controlled by the Government.

Even so, the perception is that ministers are too busy dealing with internal matters - and Boris Johnson is AWOL having enjoyed a few overseas holidays. All the while, the crisis deepens. Businesses warn of impending extinction while many people will struggle to heat their homes or pay for groceries.

As the energy price cap lands, we have been promised help to get us through the winter and we trust it will happen.

The impact of the cost of living, however, allied to the prospect of a long hard winter, means we face huge challenges.

We are spending less on non-essentials and as we batten down the hatches we are likely to fall into recession.

With prices rising because of global influences out of our control, that leaves the disastrous prospect of stagflation – just like the grim days of the late 70s.

Incomes will fall, costs will rise, supply will be choked and almost everyone will be worse off.

Could the Government do more? Yes. While we are paying for the War in Ukraine, the energy sector is raking in colossal profits. Investment in green energy is too low and shareholders are getting very rich while business and individuals suffer.

Welcome to our last sunshine bank holiday weekend of the year. The next one will arrive at Christmas.

That’s all the more reason to get out and enjoy the time off with loved ones. Today we provide readers with ideas to spend time together without busting the bank. We are lucky in the West Midlands, Shropshire and Staffordshire in that we have fantastic affordable attractions and a huge list of family events happening this weekend that are either free or only cost a few pounds.

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The summer has been hot and dry and it’s time to enjoy a final hurrah with friends and family before the nights close in.

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