Nation 'does not need distractions' from our Prime Minister

The suggested move to imperial measurements is something some of the older generation will welcome.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Imperial measurements are like a comfort blanket, harking back to a system they grew up with and understood.

The trouble is, a large slice of our population have no clue about pounds and ounces. For them metric is simpler.

This is a vanity product from Boris Johnson that practically will cost money and cause confusion.

Asda’s supermarket boss has described it as “utter nonsense” and he is right.

We are going backwards, rather than forwards, and alienating a new generation of workers who have grown up with the system.

Not using metric measurements would cause real problems in certain fields, too. Imagine telling a pharmacist who deals in low numbers of grams that he or she now has to convert 1g doses to a fraction of an ounce.

Businesses should absolutely have the right to display goods in pounds and ounces. For many people that will be a great help.

But it is also fair to ask them to also work in metric. Times are tough enough for the retail sector, with rising costs, without adding to that burden with an extra layer of red tape.

This reeks of being a classic Boris Johnson distraction technique at a time when his popularity has plummeted and he was booed by the very Royalist base to which he once appealed.

We have a cost of living crisis, spiralling energy costs, war in Europe and the costs of the pandemic. The nation does not need distractions from our Prime Minister.

He needs to get the economy on track, assist business and help the poorest who cannot cope.

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