Andy Richardson: 'Scientists are our saviours in the Covid crisis'

The scientific community has succeeded where others have failed.

Vaccinations are imminent as Britain leads the world in providing immunisations for those on the frontline.

It is the start of a massive programme that will be rolled out in coming months.

It’s the game-changer that the world has been working towards and amid the business collapses, excess death rates and heartache from those who have suffered, there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel.

Soon, it won’t matter whether Scotch Eggs are a substantial meal, or whether savvy brewers label their ale as such. Within a matter of months we’ll be able to look towards the sort of freedoms that we once took for granted as we enjoyed liberties that have more recently been denied.

Liberty and freedom – and the loss of it – is the reason why so many Conservative MPs voted against their own Government when it passed legislation surrounding the new tiered system. Lest we forget, for the longest time during the pandemic, BoJo and co have, at times, acted with autonomy and without scrutiny, not from their own MPs nor from TV’s Piers Morgan.

They have sidelined not just their backbenches but us, the voters, who put them into power.

MPs have snubbed the tiered system and in doing so put BoJo on notice that they’ll be unlikely to stomach full lockdowns from here on in.

The PM apparently stood in the lobbies pleading with backbenchers to back his latest unpopular move. BoJo is, of course, stuck between a rock and a hard place, needing to protect the population and our NHS, while also trying to save businesses.

There are no easy answers, though the Government’s ineptitude, uneasy relationship with the truth, mixed messaging, cronyism, and policy of one rule for them and one for everyone else has helped not.

Scientists are our saviours in the Covid crisis, working quicker than ever to come to our aid. Elsewhere in the world, they are also responsible for subverting the natural order. In Singapore, test tube chicken is now on sale as people tuck into chicken bites that contain no chicken.

The no-kill meat will be followed by test tube beef and pork as the world looks towards a cruelty-free, drug-free, environment-helping future. What would Dolly the sheep make of all that?

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