Andy Richardson: 'BoJo is painting himself as the saviour of Christmas'

A Christmas party or a low-key event? The sensible will know there’s only one answer.

With vaccines just around the corner, it will pay to ignore the politicians – doesn’t it always – and focus on saving lives. Actually, how about we create our own festive slogan, something like: Stay Home, Protect The NHS, Save Lives. Oh, they’ve already done that, have they?

Families who have lost loved ones to the disease are understandably aghast at the ‘sheer madness’ unfolding. Covid won’t be taking a day off, but the nation will be letting down its guard by exposing the elderly, sick and vulnerable. One husband who lost a loved one said those who want to mix large family groups ought to prepare for a funeral, as well as a big lunch.

It’s understandable that politicians want to present light at the end of the tunnel. BoJo is painting himself as the saviour of Christmas, as is his want. Ever a people-pleaser who loves to be loved, it’s what makes him feel useful – well, that and handing multi-billion contracts or jobs to his pals.

We have but months to wait until immunisations are rolled out, thanks to the remarkable work of scientists. While some will be prepared to risk all for the light relief of time with family, nobody should mix without accepting how things may pan out. There is real risk in the five-day holiday.

There is equally great risk as we head towards 2021. While it presents the opportunity to move past the year from hell, a challenging time lies ahead. The combination of the hardest of Brexits, or a no-deal Brexit, allied to Covid, winter flu, flooding and industrial action is creating the perfect storm to further batter our beleaguered economy. The Chancellor, one of the Government’s few competent operators, is plugging gaps in his Spending Review, but we ought not to underestimate the challenges ahead.

It’s a good job we’re governed by the party of law and order, though try telling that to Gavin Williamson, who unlawfully removed child safeguards in the pandemic, or the Home Office, which broke the law on Windrush.

Still, it could be worse. At least we’re not living in America. As Tango Man edges ever closer to the door and as Biden promises not to be Obama in disguise, our friends across the Atlantic are even more divided than normal. Donald has pardoned a turkey called Corn as part of Thanksgiving. Corn may not be the only turkey requiring a pardon.

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