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Today marks the start of what is likely to be the most turbulent period in British politics in a generation.

It's going to be a busy week for Boris Johnson

Such a claim seems extraordinary considering the carnage since the EU referendum, which has seen governments fall and political parties splinter and divide.

But Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament has taken us into new territory.

In a last ditch attempt to deliver what the public voted for back in 2016, the Prime Minister has effectively locked MPs out the room and forged a one-way path that leads to a general election.

So our MPs will have returned from their holidays full of rage of one form or another.

Some will be joining Speaker John Bercow – who continues to behave like an official spokesman for Remain – in attempting to stop Mr Johnson in his tracks.

On the Tory benches there will be those who will vote with the Opposition in order to try and block no-deal, despite the apparent threat of deselection hanging over their heads.

It now seems certain that our MPs will be going back before the people very soon, despite Mr Johnson’s insistence that an election is unwanted.

Jeremy Corbyn certainly thinks so. He started the week by delivering what amounted to Labour’s inaugural general election campaign speech, promising to sort out the economy and to stop a no-deal Brexit.


Like Mr Johnson, he too appears to have located a magic money tree, bizarrely pledging a “transformation fund” that amounts to some £250 billion.

According to his critics, Mr Corbyn, during his time as Leader of the Opposition, has shown time and time again that he is capable of delivering nothing but division and confusion.

Many would argue that he should be petrified about the prospect of a national poll, which could see the Labour Party blown out of the water and seeking a new leader, finally bringing to an end his rather wretched reign.

But, Mr Corbyn believes he can win.

By the end of this week, we will know if Mr Johnson has been successful in his suspension plan, legal challenges withstanding.

Whether Brexit is any closer to being delivered is another matter entirely.


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