Express & Star comment: Are we all exhausted by the Brexit process?

With politics in crisis and Brexit nowhere near to being delivered, there will be a few raised eyebrows at our MPs taking a break over the Easter period to recharge their batteries.

Are we exhausted by the Brexit process?
Are we exhausted by the Brexit process?

On one hand our parliamentarians must be exhausted with all the late night votes and 10-hour shifts in the Commons. The same can be said for the hard-working staff in Parliament.

But passing legislation on our behalf is the job of MPs, and as far as Brexit is concerned, they have not yet managed to do it.

To an increasingly frustrated public, the very thought of MPs taking a holiday with the UK suspended in Brexit limbo is enough to make the blood boil.

For some, it will be another sign of how out of touch our politicians are with modern day Britain, where every day that the country remains in the EU is another blow to our democracy.

Some of our politicians would no doubt point out they won’t be on holiday – and will be using the Easter recess to get on with some of the constituency work on hold thanks to Brexit.

And there will not doubt be some members of the public who will fully support the recess, if only to give them a break from the whole Brexit debate.

The latest extension to Article 50 agreed by Theresa May (don’t bank on it being the last) could see us tied to the bloc until the end of October.

We could leave before then if people will just vote for her agreement, the PM keeps saying, still apparently oblivious to just how unpalatable her deal is with the majority of MPs.

What simply must not happen, is that MPs return to work in a couple of weeks determined to use the extra time to create yet more delays.

Under normal circumstances there would be no issues with MPs going away on holiday, but these are extraordinary and volatile times.

The country is divided. The landmark decision made more than 1,000 days ago has still not been acted on.

We know they work hard for their constituents, but MPs should realise that over Easter the majority of people will get a long weekend at best. Our politicians should be building bridges with the public, not widening divisions.

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