Express & Star comment: MPs could learn from President Trump

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Donald Trump is a man of many faults and, to put it mildly, he is not everyone’s cup of tea.

May meets Trump

Many people clearly detest his brash attitude, his controversial policies and his appalling chauvinism.

However, as business leaders have argued on this very page, his critics need to look beyond such obvious failings and realise that above all else he is, at heart, a businessman.

As he has said on many occasions, his job is to serve the interests of his country.

Anything else is of secondary concern.

This is clearly an attitude that strikes a chord with tens of millions of people in the States.

It would be a mistake to swallow every line put out in the media about the President, and to think his will inevitably be a one-term administration.

Indeed, while it may seem odd at first sight, there is much British politicians could learn from Mr Trump.

Despite having little background in politics, he has achieved arguably the highest office on the planet.


Compare his sabre-rattling bullishness to the timid, ‘white flag’ approach Theresa May has adopted with the EU, despite the wishes of the majority of her own people.

If Britain is to take anything from Mrs May’s softer-than-soft Brexit, there is no doubt our relationship with the US will be of crucial importance.

As for the protests against Mr Trump’s visit, it is a free country and people are entitled to do what they want, even down to the puerile and self-defeating launch of a blimp over London.

Let’s hope the rent-a-mob keeps itself in check over the coming days.


We should also hope the brave men and women of our police forces – so shabbily treated by their senior officers in terms of their accommodation during the President’s visit – get home safe and well as soon as possible.

It shows appalling selfishness in these times of drastic police cuts for protestors to be taking precious resources away from forces such as West Midlands Police and Staffordshire Police.

And all so their largely-meaningless, stamping-feet tantrums can pass off without trouble.

They really should be giving greater consideration to the consequences of their actions.


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