Express & Star comment: Theresa May will be defined by one issue, she must ensure Britain has a smooth exit from the EU

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Theresa May must practise what she preaches – particularly when it comes to Brexit.

Theresa May and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker

The Prime Minister was well aware from the moment she came to power that only one issue would define her time in Number 10.

Bearing in mind that David Cameron's tenure will be forever linked with his failed EU referendum gamble, you would think Mrs May would be committed to ensuring as smooth a path as possible out of the bloc.

Yet just a few weeks after promising not to back down to the Brussels bureaucrats, there is now talk of an 'open ended' transition period.

While Downing Street has insisted there will be a firm end date, the suspicion is that the Remainers inside the Cabinet are looking for a bit of flexibility.

This is a clear attempt at pulling the wool over the eyes of the 52 per cent of the electorate who voted to leave the EU.

There is now a real prospect of Brino, as Jacob Rees-Mogg calls it.


Such a scenario – where we end up with a relationship so close to the bloc that it renders the whole Brexit process pointless – has its cheerleaders.


They include the left wing press and the broadcast media, in particular the BBC.

Their intentions are as plain as day, and you have to ask: is the Government simply confused, or are there ministers who are deliberately attempting to create a state of confusion?

Let's be clear. This country must leave the EU.

There is no such thing as a hard or soft Brexit.


It is Mrs May's responsibility to chart our passage out of the bloc.

She must not be cowed by the howls of anguish from the Remain camp and its noisy supporters –ranging from a rapper called Stormzy to virtually every BBC news presenter.

If people are truly respectful of the principle of democracy, then they must accept democratic decisions.

Mrs May once drew comparisons between herself and Margaret Thatcher by saying she could be a 'bloody difficult woman'. Well, now she needs to find her inner Iron Lady.

Either that or she will be remembered as a polystyrene Prime Minister, crumbling at every touch.


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