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Being a politician has never been a job to undertake for those looking for an easy life.

Gavin Williamson

Most of our elected representatives would admit that being on the receiving end of criticism is something that comes with the territory.

However, the job of an MP has arguably never been more difficult.

As well as dealing with the increased levels of abuse that social media has brought with it, politicians are also expected to work harder than ever on behalf of their constituents.

We that in mind, credit must go to South Staffordshire MP Gavin Williamson, who is tasked with juggling his role in his constituency with one of the most high pressure Cabinet jobs there is.

As Secretary of State for Defence, he will need to fight the corner of the armed forces at a time when his department's funding is under serious threat.

Add this to growing and complex dangers that face Britain – including ISIS, Russia and cyber attacks – and it is clear that Mr Williamson has his work cut out if he is to make a success of his new brief.

Yet true to form, Mr Williamson is adamant that he whatever his role at the Ministry of Defence throws at him, he will never turn his back on his constituents.

If his track record is anything to go by, we have no reason to doubt him.


His short term as Chief Whip – during which time he never lost a vote that mattered – did not see him permanently ensconced down in London.

This is in marked contrast to some MPs, who once they are elected, disappear from their constituencies until a month before the next general election.

In the Black Country and Staffordshire we are fortunate enough to have some outstanding MPs from both major political parties.

The likes of Labour's Ian Austin, Emma Reynolds and Pat McFadden put as much effort into their work on home soil as they do on national issues in Westminster.


The same can be said for Mike Wood and Amanda Milling for the Tories.

Mr Williamson is up there with the best of them.

Despite his lofty Cabinet position, residents in South Staffordshire can fully expect his continued involvement in all the key constituency issues.


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