Andy Richardson: Green energy the most polluting of all? Thanks Tango Man.

So now we know. Green energy is the most polluting energy of all.

'Tango man' Donald Trump
'Tango man' Donald Trump

And how do we know: because Tango Man Trump has told us.

The fumes coming up from wind turbines are worse than anything, we are assured, far worse than natural gas.

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By switching to green energy we are actually adding to global warming.

It’s a reasonably safe bet that most seven-year-olds would be able to disprove his theory using facts gathered from their classrooms.

Good job Mr Tango isn’t the most powerful man on earth, able to make or break the world’s final moves to prevent uncontrollable heating.

Let’s talk about Marcus. Marcus Rashford is the kid who was awarded an MBE for successfully campaigning on behalf of hungry kids one week, then a few weeks later he saw more than 300 MPs vote against feeding them.

Insensitivity is a strong suit among many Parliamentarians and Rashford has broad enough shoulders to take the knocks from MPs who say he should go kick a ball instead. And, yes, there are those who say that.

Having learned that the best way to respond to critics is to let his feet do his talking on the pitch, Rashford is letting actions speak louder than words.

Rather than get into a virtual cat right with the uninformed and uncaring critics, he picked up his mum and did a day’s volunteering at a food bank.

He laughed off the criticism

He laughed off the criticism – and, let’s just reflect on that for a moment; a footballer who was hungry as a kid who was given an MBE for campaigning for kids is now being criticised by MPs for precisely that.

Nigel Farage tweeted his support for Rashford. When Farage is to the left of Conservative MPs on an issue, you know there’s trouble – something Farage tacitly acknowledged in his tweet.

If you’re looking for hope, humanity and humility, head over to Marcus Rashford’s campaign. In a world gone mad, it’s easy to forget that most people, most of the time, are good.

Rashford has been dismissed as a do-gooder, yet he is now making sure a million children get fed.

On his part, it is a remarkable demonstration of compassion. Rather than count his millions or pre-order the new Xbox, he’s putting his money where his mouth is and delivering.

He’s literally linking up local groups in our region with hungry kids. The Government has provided an extra £13 billion in Covid-19 support, while refusing hungry kids £20 million – which is 0.15 per cent. Something to chew on.

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