Andy Richardson: Though Christmas will still be rubbish, help is at hand

What a time to be alive. Amid the chaos surrounding Covid-19 it seems even the Daily Star is trying to hold the Government to account – and that’s the Daily Star.

Ronnie Wood, and now his child, are living the rock 'n' roll lifestyle
Ronnie Wood, and now his child, are living the rock 'n' roll lifestyle

The newspaper, which can be as bonkers as the Daily Sport, seems to be the only one willing to sticking its neck out and call it like it is.

Perhaps it’s because it’s the only one not in the pocket of various MPs and Ministers, the only one so happily loopy that being ignored is what it considers normal.

Whatever the reason, while others act as a mouthpiece, waiting for late-afternoon briefings in which they’re performing the function of a press office, the ridiculous red top pokes fun where it’s due, calls out errors where they’re evident and prods left and right with equal vigour.

These are strange times indeed. There are, of course, other newspapers that are equally nuts.

One newspaper interviewed an astrologer who claimed to have predicted Covid-19 and has the lowdown on what’s in store for the next six months.

Yeah, right, as if we can’t figure that out for ourselves.

Amid the political fighting between Wales and the Government, the North West and the Government, the EU and the Government… need we go on, it’s good to see harmony breaking out on Strictly Come Dancing.

The annual dance fest has been credited with saving the nation – there’s nothing so much fun as hyperbole – by providing light entertainment to nine million viewers.

China appears to already be bouncing back from Covid-19 with economic growth of almost five per cent, following a spring slump.

It’s lower than the world’s second biggest economy is used to, but a reminder that it is possible to turn the tide, however large a country might be.

Scientists also provide hope and Sir Jeremy Farrar, a member of SAGE, believes there will be more than one vaccine soon.

Though Christmas will still be rubbish – let’s face it, we ought to be saving lives and saving our economy rather than saving one day in December – help is at hand.

A range of options are likely to be available early in the new year, though it remains to be seen how those will play out. It provides hope, though is unlikely to be straightforward.

It has emerged that Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood feeds his kids caviar for breakfast. It’s good to see a rock star fulfilling his duty of living the sort of life that the rest of us never will.

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