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Jupiter to blaze above moon in ‘one-night-only sight’

Astronomy Ireland said that Jupiter would be visible as a bright spot above the moon in Irish skies on Friday.

The planet Jupiter

The planet Jupiter will be visible as a bright spot above the moon on Friday night, according to Astronomy Ireland.

The sight should be visible to the naked eye from 5pm, the educational organisation said, when Jupiter will be to the upper left of the moon as they rise in the east.

They will be closest at about 10pm, high in the south, and will not set until 3am.

Jupiter is the solar system’s largest planet, and is known for its Great Red Spot – a storm big enough to engulf Earth.

Jupiter is 625 million kilometres from Earth but the moon is only 400,000 kilometres away, says David Moore, chairman of Astronomy Ireland and editor of the Astronomy Ireland magazine.

He added that the moon is more than 1500 times closer to us than Jupiter, but Jupiter is 40 times wider than the moon.

“Things to ponder while you stare in awe at this incredible one-night-only sight,” Mr Moore said.

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