Suez Canal blockage prompts Twitter users to share their work mishaps

A blockage in Egypt’s Suez Canal has got social media users thinking about their most dramatic office mistakes.

A ship stuck in the Suez Canal (Suez Canal Authority/AP)
A ship stuck in the Suez Canal (Suez Canal Authority/AP)

Twitter users reacted with jokes after a skyscraper-sized container ship became wedged across Egypt’s Suez Canal, blocking all traffic in the waterway.

One social media user, Caspar Salmon, said the blockage, which has caused oil prices to soar, was such a dramatic event that it made him feel better about his own worst work mishap.

“This thing with the boat in the Suez canal is making me feel better about the time I was working at Waterstones and got asked to shut off all the lights at closing time, and pulled a lever in the back of the shop which caused a humming sound that didn’t stop for several months,” he tweeted.

One Twitter user accidentally flooded a three-storey building with an accidental work mishap.

She said: “I worked at a dentist. The first time I closed up a sink tap was left slightly on, which ended up flooding the entire three-storey building.”

This person confessed to causing a fire evacuation by taking a simple short cut.

“One time when I had a summer job at a big and very busy high street fashion outlet, I took a short cut out the stock room via the fire exit not knowing it would trigger the fire alarm and the shop would be evacuated and the fire brigade would come and block Edinburgh Princes Street,” he said.

One social media user told on a schoolmate, saying that they had let all of the birds free at a Pets At Home store.

And finally, this work mishap caused an entire factory to be shut down.

The Twitter user said: “I was once asked to press a button to empty the collected carrots into the waiting sack, and instead pressed the button that shut down the entire factory and caused red lights to flash, sirens to wail, and all work to stop until someone was sent from head office to okay restart.”

The Ever Given, a ship that carries cargo between Asia and Europe, became stuck on Tuesday in the narrow man-made canal.

Photos showed the ship’s bow touching the eastern wall of the canal, while its stern looked lodged against the western wall, in an event that experts said they had never seen before in the Suez Canal’s 150-year history.

(PA Graphics)

Tugboats tried on Wednesday to nudge the obstruction out of the way, however it is unclear when the route, through which around 10% of world trade flows, will reopen.

It was not immediately clear what caused the Ever Given to become stuck, however it has been reported that no crew members were injured, and no pollution has been caused by the incident.

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