Joe Wicks baffles the internet with ‘Wensleydale’ pronunciation

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The ‘Lean in 15’ diet guru previously nicknamed tenderstem broccoli ‘midget trees’.

Joe Wicks

Celebrity fitness coach Joe Wicks has baffled the internet with his pronunciation of “Wensleydale”.

The “Lean in 15” diet guru uploaded an Instagram story of his three-cheese dinner.

However, when he pointed to the final cheese, he pronounced it “Wensley-dar-lay”.

He previously nicknamed tenderstem broccoli “midget trees”.

He uploaded a later video where he said: “The amount of people messaging me giving me jokes saying you’re not pronouncing it right… They are saying it’s not pronounced that way.”

However, the internet did not approve of what may be just a joke.

One Twitter user said: “I’d love to see folks’ reaction to him pronouncing it like that in actual Wensleydale.”


Another said: “The wensley-what? @thebodycoach come up to Yorkshire and we’ll tell you how to say it mate. It’s dale. As in: a dale. Like the Yorkshire Dales. As in the chipmunks; Chip and Dale. But not as in Dalai Lama. Hope that helps, but come up here and see us anyway.”

However, one Twitter user believed the Body Coach was just messing with his fans.

They said: “As much as I hate the bloke I’m sure he was just messing… and loads have fallen for it by the sound of it.”

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