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Bongo Cat is now so much more than a cat playing the bongos

The cat has upped its musical skills.

Bongocat plays rubber chickens

It started off as a little cat tapping on a table but when someone added bongos to the original, a meme was born.

Now it seems you can’t escape Bongo Cat on social media, playing everything from keyboards and electric guitar to rubber chickens (really).

That first tweet was posted back in May, but interest in the cat has returned this month after Ditzy Flama, who made the first Bongo Cat, posted an extended YouTube video stating “I remade my tweet that I did because why not”.

With a pumping soundtrack to boot, here’s our favourite musical cat in more and more elaborate takes.

1. Simply does it.

2. Fancy bongos

3. Them chickens.

4. Daft Punk

5. Orchestral take

6. Not a two-frame bongo-playing cat anymore

7. There’s a club mix

8. And a Take On Me take

And of course an Africa version was in much demand…

9 …so here it is in full

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