This random dog turned up to an early morning lecture and became an internet sensation

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The studious pooch now has its own Twitter account, obviously.

(Hunter Greenwell)

A sleepy group of US students had a welcome surprise at their 8am supply chain management lecture, when a dog turned up eight minutes into the class.

“It’s not unusual to see a service dog occasionally but this was not a service dog,” Hunter Greenwell, who was in the class at Auburn University, Alabama, told the Press Association.

“It belonged to no one in the class or even the building and had no service identification.”

The happy doggo roamed about the class letting students pet it and its bizarre appearance has gone viral on Twitter – not least since pooch itself logged on to the website.

That’s right – the random dog has Twitter.

Well, it was actually curated by one of the students, Logan Barrett, but the comments he’s posted on behalf of the dog certainly make a lot of sense.


So where did the dog come from?

“It was my understanding that this dog was walking by itself outside and someone was holding the door of our building open for another student and the dog saw this and ran right in,” said Hunter.

He said the teacher didn’t notice the dog at first or why her students were distracted, but in the end she called for security who took the dog away in search of an owner.


“The dog looked a little sad to leave,” said Hunter. “I think it loved the attention.”

Hunter said everyone usually dreads the early morning lecture the dog attended, but its appearance helped no end.

“In short, I guess, if there was a lesson, it’s that a) dogs are awesome and can always cheer people up, and b) life is surprising.”

It sure is.

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