You won’t believe how many Democrats would give up booze forever for Donald Trump to be impeached

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Unsurprisingly, the number is a whole lot higher than for Republicans.

Donald Trump

It hardly comes as a surprise that there is little love lost between the Democrats and Republican US president Donald Trump. However, you may be taken aback by just how badly the Dems want Trump out of power.

More than 73% of Democrats said they would give up alcohol forever if it meant Trump was impeached tomorrow. That’s not just passing on the offer of a few beers next time you’re out with the lads – that would mean no more cold ones. Ever again.

It’s quite ironic when you think about it, considering the president is himself teetotal.

It works the other way as well (at least to some extent), with nearly 31% of Republicans saying they would give up drinking if it meant the media stopped writing negative things about Trump.

The findings come from, who surveyed more than 1,000 Americans on what they would and wouldn’t give alcohol up for.

It wasn’t just politics on the table. Of those surveyed, 36% of men wouldn’t give up alcohol for the rest of their life if it meant saving the life of a stranger, and that number was nearly 26% for women. Quite damning stuff.

That’s not the only life committed drinkers are willing to risk. Forty percent of heavy drinkers (people who drink once a day or more) would rather lose a pet than give up the sauce.

But don’t worry, because none of these eventualities are likely to come to pass. Instead, you’re free to crack a cold one with the boys and watch the media coverage of Trump’s presidency unfold while playing with your cat.

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