Election results live: Corbyn to stand down as Johnson hails ‘new mandate’

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The Consevatives snatched seat after seat in Labour heartlands as the PM’s ‘get Brexit done’ election message hit home with Leave voters.

Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Johnson and Jo Swinson

Jeremy Corbyn has said he will not lead the Labour Party into another general election as his party faced humiliation in the 2019 General Election.

The Tories claimed swathes of the Labour heartlands after the Prime Minister’s “get Brexit done” election message hit home with working class Leave voters.

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson lost her East Dunbartonshire seat to the SNP and the Westminster DUP leader Nigel Dodds was also voted out.

  • Tories - 349
  • Labour - 202
  • SNP - 46
  • Lib Dems - 9
  • Others - 22

Other key events from the counts:

– Jeremy Corbyn says he won’t immediately quit as leader, but would not lead Labour into another election;
– Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson narrowly loses her Dunbartonshire East seat;
– DUP Westminster leader Nigel Dodds voted out;
– Labour and Tory defectors Chuka Umunna, Luciana Berger and Sam Gyimah fail to win seat as Lib Dems;
– Former Tory cabinet members David Gauke and Dominic Grieve both lost in their bids to be elected as independents;
– Labour firebrand Dennis Skinner ousted from Bolsover after 49 years;




General Election 2019 how the UK voted after 602 0f 650 seats
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General Election 2019
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon hugs her newly elected MPs at the SEC Centre in Glasgow (Andrew Milligan/PA)



Former Conservative cabinet minister David Gauke stood as an independent in South West Hertfordshire but was comfortably beaten by new Conservative candidate Gagan Mohindra.


Dennis Skinner’s humorous heckles at the State Opening of Parliament became one of the endearing features of Commons life.

But now, after almost half a century as an MP, the laughter has stopped.

The 87-year-old former miner, known as the Beast Of Bolsover after his Derbyshire constituency, was slayed by constituents who previously voted overwhelmingly for Brexit.


A record number of women MPs have been elected to the House of Commons.

The previous record of 208, set at the 2017 general election, has just been passed.


General Election 2019 how Wales has changed. See story POLTICS Election. Infographic PA Graphics


WATCH: Jo Swinson loses her seat


Conservative candidate Felicity Buchan has gained the seat of Kensington from Labour’s Emma Dent Coad by a majority of 150 votes. She said: “I want to be the MP for the whole of Kensington – whether that be the north, south or the middle.”

Former Tory cabinet member Sam Gyimah had stood in the seat as a Lib Dem.


Here’s a round-up from the regions:

WALES: With 36 results of 40, Labour has 19 seats, a lost of 6. Tories have 13, up by 8 on 2017. Plaid Cymru remain on 4. Lib Dems have lost one seat in Wales so far.

SCOTLAND: SNP have gained 12 seats – with 37 of the 59 seats declared. Tories have lost 6, leaving them on 2. Labour has lost 5 seats and not won any yet, and the Lib Dems have lost Jo Swinson, but kept one seat.

NORTHERN IRELAND: With 12 of 18 results: DUP and Sinn Fein both have 5 seats, with Alliance and the SDLP gaining one each.


WATCH: Jeremy Corbyn announces he won’t lead Labour into another election


Asked if the election brought into question her leadership of the DUP, Arlene Foster told PA: “No, not at all.

“There are very clear reasons why we lost North Belfast and South Belfast in relation to pan-nationalism coming together to unseat (DUP MPs) under the umbrella of Remain.

“This election was not about that, this election was about the return of devolution and people wanting us all to get back into devolution, and that’s certainly where my focus is next week and I hope all of the other parties have the same focus to get the assembly and executive back and running again.”

General Election 2019
Arlene Foster embraces her deputy Nigel Dodds after he lost his seat (Liam McBurney/PA)


Speaking after she lost her seat, ex-Labour MP Caroline Flint blamed Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and Remain-backing MPs for the party’s woes.

Ms Flint got more than 8,000 fewer votes in the Don Valley seat she had held since 1997 as the Tories triumphed.

She told BBC News: “I think there are two fronts I was fighting on. One front was the fact that so many of my voters could not and did not want to support Jeremy Corbyn to be prime minister.

“But the second front was the Labour party’s position on Brexit, that we moved to a position of being more like a ‘stop Brexit’ Remain party, which wasn’t the promise we made in 2017 at the general election.”

She added: “I’m afraid to say there are moderate MPs who have driven us into a dead-end regarding Brexit and they have put the pursuit of Remain at the expense of our working-class heartlands and I feel annoyed to say the least about that.”


Shadow chancellor John McDonnell, when asked what he and Jeremy Corbyn could have done differently for the campaign, told the PA news agency: “I’m not sure if we could because if we’d have either been a Leave party we’d have alienated our Remain supporters – they are a majority within our party – and if we’d been a Remain party we’d have alienated the Leave.

“We were caught on the horns of that dilemma and as a principled position we thought we may be able to bring the country together – failed.”


General Election 2019
A despondent Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson during the declaration in her seat (Jane Barlow/PA)



Former Apprentice winner Michelle Dewberry failed to win Hull West and Hessle for the Brexit Party.


General Election 2019
Prime Minister Boris Johnson punches the air as he arrives at Conservative Party Headquarters in central London (Andrew Matthews/PA)



Former prime minister Theresa May said she is pleased with Boris Johnson’s majority.

Speaking to BBC News, Ms May said: “Well I’m very pleased at the majority that Boris has achieved because this has done the essential thing, which I think for many people led how they voted at this election, which is enabling us to have a Parliament that is going to have, with a majority government, the ability to take decisions and crucially the ability to get the Brexit legislation through.

“So we can get Brexit sorted, get Brexit done and move the country on, and then focus on those many other priorities that people want the government to focus on, on a day-to-day basis.”

Asked whether Mr Johnson can secure a comprehensive trade deal in 11 months, Ms May replied: “Yes, because actually an awful lot of work on that has already been done.”

Discussing whether the SNP’s success could lead to another Scottish independence referendum, Ms May added: “Well I think it’s very simple, I would advise him (Mr Johnson) to continue taking the position he has done, which was the position that I took.

“Which is that the Scottish National Party said themselves in 2014 that that referendum about Scottish independence was a once in a generational, indeed a once in a lifetime referendum, and therefore they should accept that result.”


The US President has responded to tonight’s events:


The Tories official media Twitter account was criticised during the campaign for changing it’s Twitter name from CCHQ Press to FactCheckUK – but seemingly has had the last laugh with it’s latest post:


Labour’s re-elected Barking and Dagenham MP Margaret Hodge, who clashed with Mr Corbyn over his handling of anti-Semitism in their party tweeted:


Nicola Sturgeon responds to hearing the SNP have defeated Jo Swinson.


Jacob Rees-Mogg has retained his North East Somerset seat with a majority of 14,729.

He paid tribute to his family for their help with his campaigning and said there had been “some healthy competitive spirit between some of my sons”.

“My greatest gratitude goes to the prime minister who has managed to win this victory for the Conservative party and to ensure that he can deliver on the promises that he has given,” Mr Rees-Mogg said.

“I think that his leadership, his inspiration, has been of enormous importance to the Conservative party up and down the country.”


General Election 2019
Prime Minister Boris Johnson giving his victory speech (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

Boris Johnson said: “Clearly lots of results are still coming in and we’re still mainly dealing with projections but at this stage it does look as though this One Nation Conservative government has been given a powerful new mandate to get Brexit done.

“And not just to get Brexit done, but to untie this country and to take it forward and to focus on the priorities of the British people, and above all, on the NHS.

“And yes we will recruit 50,000 more nurses and 6,000 more GPs, and we will build 40 new hospitals and I am proud to say that one of those hospitals will be right here in Uxbridge and South Ruislip.

“And I am grateful, I am grateful once again, to the people of Uxbridge and South Ruislip for returning me to serve you.

“It is an absolute privilege to do this job and to work for you.”


RESULT: Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson has lost her Dunbartonshire East seat by around 150 votes.


In his victory speech, Mr Johnson: “It does look as though this One Nation Conservative government has been given a powerful new mandate to get Brexit done.”

He repeated that he did not want to call a December election but it had turned out to be “historic”.


RESULT: Boris Johnson has held his Uxbridge and Ruislip South seat with 25,351 votes – Labour got 18,141.


Jeremy Corbyn said he will remain as MP for Islington North.

He said: “I want to say this, I will remain the MP for Islington North and I’m proud to represent the people of Islington North.”

He added: “And I’m proud in Parliament and outside that we will forever continue the cause for socialism, for social justice and for a society based on the needs of all rather than the greed of a few.

“That is what makes our party what it is and I’m very proud of the achievements of our party and the development of its manifesto and its ideas.

“I tell you what, those ideas and those principles are eternal and they will be there for all time.”


Dilyn the dog was brought to the count by Ms Symonds and Mr Johnson.

The dog yawned as photographers took pictures.

General Election 2019
Carrie Symonds with Dilyn arriving for the count for the Uxbridge & Ruislip South constituency (Stefan Rousseau/PA)


As Mr Corbyn announced he would stand down, the Conservatives tweeted: “Things can only get better.”


General Election 2019
A beaming First Minister Nicola Sturgeon celebrates with supporters at the SEC Centre in Glasgow on a good night for the SNP (Andrew Milligan/PA)


A scuffle appeared to break out in the crowd as Labour shadow chancellor John McDonnell was declared winner in Hayes and Harlington.

Cries of “liar” and “terrorist” rang out as Mr McDonnell was giving his acceptance speech. Police had to intervene to temper the disturbance.

The Labour veteran said: “It is quite clear that there are fears also now for our democracy and the rise of the extreme right.

“But I say now we will organise and we will ensure this type of democracy will reign, and the democratic wishes of our people will be respected, and this sort of extreme right wing violence will not be tolerated within our society.”


Winning his Islington North seat for the 10th time, Mr Corbyn thanked his voters.

He added: “I want to also make it clear that I will not lead the party in any future general election campaign.

“I will discuss with our party to ensure there is a process now of reflection on this result and on the policies that the party will take going forward.

“And I will lead the party during that period to ensure that discussion takes place and we move on into the future.”


A scuffle broke out in the crowd as shadow chancellor John McDonnell made a speech after winning his seat of Hayes and Harlington.

A police officer stepped in.

Mr McDonnell was heckled throughout his speech by a man shouting “terrorist”.


Boris Johnson’s partner Carrie Symonds tweeted about Mr Goldsmith’s defeat:


Conservative sources say the party has asked for a recount in Bedford.

The classic tight Conservative-Labour marginal is regarded as a good indicator of the national trend – the winner here has in most elections come from the party which won the election overall.

The loss of the seat by the Conservatives to Labour in 2017 highlighted the trend of the Tories losing their overall majority in Parliament. The Conservatives will regain the seat with a swing of 0.81%.


RESULT: Tory Zac Goldsmith has lost Richmond Park to Lib Dem challenger Sarah Olney.


General Election 2019 how the UK voted after 161 0f 650 seats
(PA Graphics)


Former attorney general Dominic Grieve accused Boris Johnson of having an “incapacity to tell the truth”.

Mr Grieve, who had the Tory whip removed after he backed manoeuvres in Parliament to block a no-deal Brexit, told ITV: “As I’ve said throughout this campaign I’m a unionist – that matters to me very much and I am very fearful for the future of the union both in the context of Northern Ireland and of Scotland.

“So I have absolutely no regrets of standing on this platform at all.

“Indeed quite frankly with the leadership which Mr Johnson has been offering, and my own views about his suitability as a prime minister and his incapacity to tell the truth, I wouldn’t wish to be the member of a party that was led by him.”

Mr Grieve is standing as an independent candidate in the constituency of Beaconsfield.


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