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Dudley Council reveals double yellow lines painted 'in error' could end up stinging motorists

Yellow lines painted "in error" in a Cradley park could end up stinging motorists, Dudley Council's Highways supremo has warned.

Councillor Body with the yellow lines

There was consternation earlier this week when yellow lines were painted on Benjamin Drive, the controversial access road through the park to the Cradley retirement village.

Complaining residents received emails from Dudley Council telling them the yellow lines were painted "in error".

However, today Councillor Damian Corfield, Cabinet Member for Highways and Public Realm at Dudley Council, revealed the yellow lines are going nowhere for now, despite being unenforceable.

He told the Express & Star: “The lines have been placed on site however, they are not enforceable at this time.

"Before the lines will be enforced, we will be holding discussions with the Earnest Stevens Trust committee to establish the best way of tacking parking issues while allowing safe access to Homer Hill Park."

Highways chief Councillor Damian Corfield

He added: "That could include extra parking arrangements at the site, details of which will need to go through the normal consultation with local people and ward councillors.”

Councillor Corfield's position is a U-turn from the email residents received from the council.

The email said: "It has been brought to our attention this morning that the lines in Benjamin Drive have been painted in error.

“An instruction has been sent for their removal, and the council’s parking management team advised these lines are not enforceable.”

Cradley and Wollescote Councillor Richard Body said: "Unbelievable. There is no need for yellow lines on Benjamin Drive. But these particular yellow lines will never be enforceable."