Drivers flock to cheapest fuel station in Wolverhampton to take advantage of savings

Drivers flocked to the cheapest fuel station in Wolverhampton making a stand against rising fuel prices.

Total Energies, Blakenhall, Wolverhampton
Total Energies, Blakenhall, Wolverhampton

Blakenhall Services (Total Energies) on Dudley Road, Wolverhampton, is charging 10p a litre less than the national average on the forecourts.

The station was very busy on Monday, with queues tailing back onto the main road, and staff working fast to keep things moving.

Bonnie Arnold, aged 32, from Wolverhampton, was there filling up after finding out about the prices online.

She said: "I drive around the city a lot so it is affecting me severely.

"I found out by reading the article in the Express & Star online, then purposefully came here to take advantage of it and fill up.

"It is 10p a litre difference isn't it, I will get many more miles out of it for my day-to-day work so that is very important for me really.

"I don't think it is right what other places are charging. If they (Total Energies) can charge this, generally I think everybody can, but it's about making money isn't it.

"It is great to know that this is a cheaper place that is local to me as well, as I live here, it is helping the community."

Fuel station operations manager Sanjeev Lal was delighted with how the prices are being received and said it has been hectic but welcome.

Parmy Gill, 27 from Penn said: "I found out it was way cheaper than other places when I drove past, as I live around here.

"I have noticed the jumps in price, I am fortunate that it isn't having a massive effect on me, but it does add up.

"Before I could get a full tank for £60; now we are talking £100."

Another driver Helen, who lives locally added: "It is very cheap here and the place as a whole is good.

"I think it is the cheapest within something like 60 miles.

"I came the other day and found out how much cheaper it is so I will be using here from now on.

"The price hikes have affected me quite a lot, I try to not use my car as much any more because of it."

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