Election 2021: List of candidates standing for Staffordshire County Council

The candidates running in this year's local election for Staffordshire County Council where all 62 seats are being contested.

All 62 seats on Staffordshire County Council are being contested in this year's election.

The Conservatives go into this year's vote holding a huge majority - 51 of the 62 seats. Labour has 10 with the remaining position going to an Independent councillor.

Voters in Staffordshire will also be voting for a police and crime commissioner.

Unlike in previous years results will be declared the day after the election in some areas, although Staffordshire County Council will declare on May 8, as will the mayoral and PCC polls.

Seats up for grabs in 2021: All 62 seats are up for grabs in 2021. However candidates for East Staffordshire, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire Moorlands and Tamworth are not listed below but can be viewed by clicking on the links on each area.

Staffordshire County Council candidates

Candidates for East Staffordshire, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire Moorlands and Tamworth are not listed below but can be viewed by clicking on the links on each area.


  • Brereton and Ravenhill: Alan Dudson (Lab)*, David Green (Green), Peter Kruskonjic (Cons), Gerald Molineux (Lib Dem)

  • Cannock Town Centre: Sarah Findlay (CCI), Matthew Jackson (Green), Paul Snape (Cons)*, Benjamin Watkins (Lab)

  • Cannock Villages: Paul Allen (Reform UK), Kenneth Beardmore (Green), Andrea Layton (CCI), Samantha Thompson (Cons)*, Diane Todd (Lab)

  • Chadsmoor: Philippa Haden (Cons), Christine Mitchell (Lab)*, Jordan Morris (Green)

  • Etchinghill and Heath: Warren Cocker (Green), David Gaye (Lab), Mike Sutherland (Cons)*

  • Hednesford and Rawnsley (two seats): Paul Dadge (CCI), Phil Hewitt (Cons)*, Emma Hunneyball (CCI), Dave Ireland (TUSC), Johnny McMahon (Cons)*, Paula Stanton (Lab), Ryan Tipton (Lab), Ronald Turville (Indep)

South Staffordshire

  • Brewood: Holly Fuller (Green), Andrew Lenz (Lab), Mark Sutton (Cons)*

  • Cheslyn Hay, Essington & Great Wyrley (two seats): John Brindle (Lab), Gary Burnett (Green), Steve Hollis (Ukip), John Jones (Lab), Glen Keatley (Ukip), Eunice Lord (Green), Kath Perry (Cons)*, Bernard Williams (Cons)*

  • Codsall: Janet Lungley (Lab), Ian Sadler (Green), Bob Spencer (Cons)*

  • Kinver: Lorna Jones (Lab), Bernadette McGourty (Green), Victoria Wilson (Cons)*

  • Penkridge: Chris Benton (Green), Adam Freeman (Lab), David Williams (Cons)*

  • Perton: Jak Abrahams (Cons)*, Nigel Caine (Indep), Nick Hill (Lab), Hilde Liesens (Green)

  • Wombourne: Denis Beaumont (Lab), Mike Davies (Cons)*, Claire McIlvenna (Green)


  • Eccleshall: Damon Hoppe (Green), Jeremy Pert (Cons)*, Ant Reid (Lab), Edward Whitfield (Ukip)

  • Gnosall & Doxey: Colin Ball (Lab), Emma Carter (Green), Mark Winnington (Cons)*

  • Stafford Central: Craig Bates (TUSC), Roisin Chambers (Green), Gillian Pardesi (Lab)*, Paul Startin (Cons), Paul Williams (Ukip)

  • Stafford North: Daniel Laidler (Green), Jonathan Price (Cons)*, Josie Shelley (TUSC), Phillip Smith (Ukip), Julian Thorley (Lab)

  • Stafford South East: Ann Edgeller (Cons)*, Julie Read (Lab), Harvey Wain-Williams (Ukip), David Whittaker (Green)

  • Stafford Trent Valley: Victoria Door (Green), John Francis (Cons)*, Brendan McKeown (CCI), Dee McNaughton (Lab)

  • Stafford West: Aidan Godfrey (Lab), John Jeffrey (Ukip), Craig Morton (Heritage), Douglas Rouxel (Green), Carolyn Trowbridge (Cons)*

  • Stone Rural: Daniel Bentley (Reform UK), Jim Davies (Indep), David Nicoll (Lab), Ian Parry (Cons)*, Alec Sandiford (Lib Dem)

  • Stone Urban: Simon Bell (Cons), Jill Hood (Indep)*, Tracey Lindop (Lab), Rob Norman (Green)


  • Burntwood North: Jamie Christie (Lib Dem), Tom Loughbrough Rudd (Cons), Sue Woodward (Lab)*

  • Burntwood South: Darren Ennis (Lab), John Taylor (Lib Dem), Mike Wilcox (Cons)*

  • Lichfield City North: Kathy Coe (Lab), John Madden (Indep), Stephen Sanders (Green), Janice Silvester-Hall (Cons)*, Miles Trent (Lib Dem), Christopher Wilkinson (Indep)

  • Lichfield City South: Hugh Ashton (Lib Dem), Paul Ecclestone-Brown (Green), Colin Greatorex (Cons)*, Ann Hughes (Lab)

  • Lichfield Rural East: Roger Bennion (Lib Dem), Lorna McGinty (Lab), Alan White (Cons)*

  • Lichfield Rural North: Jan Eagland (Cons)*, Peter Longman (Indep), Paul McDermott (Lib Dem), Simon Partridge (Green), David Whatton (Lab)

  • Lichfield Rural South: David Smith (Cons)*, John Smith (Lib Dem), Brad Westwood (Lab)

  • Lichfield Rural West: Richard Cox (Cons)*, Janet Higgins (Ukip), Mark Pritchard (Lab), Fiona Robertson (Lib Dem)

*Denotes party that won seat last time out

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