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South Staffordshire Council elections: Full list of candidates standing in this year's poll

More than 100 people are bidding to win one of 42 seats on South Staffordshire District Council next month.

South Staffordshire Council

Voters will see a number of changes in the May 4 poll, as it is the first district council election to take place since the numbers of elected members and wards were cut in the latest boundary review.

There are currently 49 district councillors, but this will be cut to 42. And the district’s 25 wards have been redrawn to create 20 areas.

The full list of candidates standing for election was published this week. It includes several current councillors bidding to keep their place in the chamber.

The Conservatives currently hold the majority of seats, with 36 out of 49. There are also three Green Party members, seven independent representatives and Labour and UKIP hold one seat each.

The full list of candidates is as follows. An asterisk indicates an existing councillor


Paul Armitage (Cons)

Gary Burnett (Green)*

Ryan Hillback (Cons)

Fiona Hopkins (Green)

Brewood, Coven and Blymhill

Valerie Davis (Lib Dem)

Adrian Hamlyn (Lab)

Anne Holmes (Cons)

Adebowale Olojede (Lab)

Nirmaljit Singh (Green)

Wendy Sutton (Cons)*

Sue Szalapski (Cons)

Cheslyn Hay Village

Alex Brindle (Lab)

Rob Duncan (Cons)

Sue Duncan (Cons)

Alan Emery (UKIP)

Adam Freeman (Lab)

Steve Hollis (UKIP)*

Dave Lockley (Indep)*

David Norris (Indep)

Anil Singh (Lab)

Bernard Williams (Cons)*


Gulvinder Bansal (Lib Dem)

Meg Barrow (Cons)*

Val Chapman (Cons)

Chris Fewtrell (Lab)

John Michell (Cons)*

Reg Vernon (Lab)


Warren Fisher (Indep)*

Ash Smith (Cons)

Chris Steel (Indep)*

Featherstone, Shareshill and Saredon

John Brindle (Lab)

Bob Cope (Indep)*

Margaret Pincher (Lib Dem)

Hilary Southern (Cons)

Great Wyrley Landywood

Paul Alexander (Lab)

Wayne Instone (Lab)

David Norris (Indep)

Ray Perry (Cons)*

James Sadler (Green)

Kath Williams (Cons)*

Great Wyrley Town

Matthew Jackson (Cons)

Christopher Jones (Lab)

Brian Levy (Lab)

Kath Perry (Cons)*

Himley and Swindon

Gordon Fanthom (Indep)

Roger Lees (Cons)*

Keith Pincher (Lib Dem)

Huntington and Hatherton

Jeff Ashley (Lab)

Chris Benton (Green)*

Adam Dent (Green)

Ron Kenyon (Lab)

David Williams (Cons)*

Kinver and Enville

Sion Charlesworth-Jones (Cons)

Stephanie Dufty (Lib Dem)

Paul Harrison (Lib Dem)

Roger Pauli (Cons)

Geoff Sisley (Cons)*

Julia Southall (Lab)

Greg Spruce (Lib Dem)

Jackie Ward (Freedom Alliance)

Lapley, Stretton and Wheaton Aston

Jeff Ford (Indep)

Hilde Liesens (Green)

Rob Nelson (Indep)

Mark Sutton (Cons)

Pattingham, Trysull, Bobbington and Lower Penn

Steve Bull (Indep)

Andy Calloway (Lib Dem)

Ben Forrest

Holly Fuller (Green)

Nicholas Hill (Lab)

Robert Reade (Cons)*

Victoria Wilson (Cons)*

Amanda Young (Lib Dem)

Penkridge North and Acton Trussell

Andy Adams (Cons)*

Len Bates (Cons)*

Luana Bills (Lib Dem)

Sam Harper-Wallis (Lib Dem)

Penkridge South and Gailey

Helen Adams (Cons)

Victor Kelly (Cons)

Andrew Lenz (Lab)

Norman Smallwood (Lab)

Viv Smith

Perton East

Penny Allen (Indep)*

Judith Evans (Cons)

Perton Lakeside

Alita Caine (Indep)

Nigel Caine (Indep)*

Christopher Evans (Cons)

Rita Heseltine (Cons)*

Frank Thomas (Lab)

Mary Thomas (Lab)

Perton Wrottesley

Danni Braine (Green)

Phil Davis (Cons)*

Dimple O’Gorman (Lab)

Sam Payne (Indep)

Wombourne North

Richard Blaikie (Heritage Party)

Barry Bond (Cons)*

Margaret Davidson (Lab)

Dan Kinsey (Cons)*

Claire Male (Lib Dem)

Mark Middleton (Lib Dem)

Martin Perry (Cons)

Ian Sadler (Green)*

Jon Thorpe (Green)

Chris Wood (Lab)

Wombourne South

Denis Beaumont (Lab)

Vicky Boswell (Lab)

Mike Davies (Cons)*

Mark Evans (Cons)*

Claire McIlvenna (Green)

Vince Merrick (Cons)*

Theresa Vaccaro (Lab)

Elizabeth Westlake (Green)

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