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Lichfield District Council elections: Full list of candidates standing in this year's poll

A total of 47 seats are up for grabs when voters head to the polls across Lichfield on May 4.

Voters will head to the polls across Lichfield on May 4

There are 106 candidates across 22 ward areas, with the Conservatives fielding the most candidates (47) followed by Labour (39).

Among the rest, there are 12 Liberal Democrat candidates, three Green Party candidates and a small number of independent candidates.

As has been the case for many years, the Conservatives are unopposed in Bourne Vale, where Brian Yeates has won in a walk-over at the last three elections.

Labour gained a seat from the Conservatives in November when Paul Taylor won a by-election in Chasetown, which was called after the resignation of Samuel Tapper.

The Tories lost another councillor in January when former council chairman Barry Gwilt, who represents Fazeley and had been deselected, quit and joined Reform UK.

However, he is not standing at these elections.

Conservative group leader Doug Pullen is moving over from Highfield to contest Boley Park.

Current state of play: Conservative controlled administration – Cons 30; Lab 11; Indep 3; Reform 1

Seats up for grabs: 47 (all out)

*denotes party that won in 2019, when these seats were last contested.

Alrewas and Fradley (three seats)

Alasdair Brooks (Lib Dem)

Ian Coxon (Lab)

Derick Cross (Cons)*

Toby Ryder (Lab)

David Whatton (Lab)

Mike Wilcox (Cons)*

Sonia Wilcox (Cons)*

Armitage with Handsacre (three seats)

Richard Cox (Cons)*

Nikki Hawkins (Cons)*

Jacob Marshall (Lab)

Tom Marshall (Cons)*

Morwenna Rae (Lib Dem)

Marvin Shortman (Lab)

Christopher Willis (Lab)

Boley Park (two seats)

Andrew Fox (Lab)

Scott Hollingsworth (Lib Dem)

Rajesh Kulkarni (Lab)

Doug Pullen (Cons)*

Mark Warfield (Cons)*

Boney Hay and Central (three seats)

Jim Craik (Cons)

Di Evans (Lab)*

Steven Swain (Cons)

Paul Taylor (Lab)*

Sharon Taylor (Lab)*

Keith Willis-Croft (Cons)

Bourne Vale (unopposed)

Brian Yeates (Cons)*

Chadsmead (two seats)

Joanne Grange (Indep)*

Elaine Hutchings (Cons)

Paul Jones (Cons)

Paul Ray (Lib Dem)*

Miles Trent (Lib Dem)

Chase Terrace (two seats)

Richard Cross (Cons)

Steven Norman (Lab)*

Matt Warburton (Cons)

Sue Woodward (Lab)*

Chasetown (two seats)

Norma Bacon (Cons)*

Darren Ennis (Lab)*

Laura Ennis (Lab)

Antony Jones (Cons)

Colton and the Ridwares

David Cullen (Green)

Paul Golder (Lab)

Keith Vernon (Cons)*

Curborough (two seats)

Colin Ball (Lab)*

Daniel Floyd (Cons)

Dave Robertson (Lab)*

Edward Sheasby (Cons)

Fazeley (two seats)

Alex Farrell (Cons)*

John Hill (Cons)*

Anne Thompson (Lab)

David Thompson (Lab)

Hammerwich with Wall (two seats)

Carolyn Gittings (Lab)

Leona Leung (Cons)*

Lorna McGinty (Lab)

Janice Silvester-Hall (Cons)*

Highfield (two seats)

Robyn Ennis (Lab)

Wai-Lee Ho (Cons)*

Serena Mears (Cons)*

Jane Smith (Lab)

Leomansley (three seats)

James Blackman (Lab)

Jamie Checkland (Cons)*

Jamie Christie (Lib Dem)

Paul Ecclestone-Brown (Green)

Sally Gilbert (Cons)*

Richard Henshaw (Lib Dem)

Andy Smith (Cons)*

Benjamin Watkins (Lab)

Little Aston and Stonnall (two seats)

Ruth Graham (Indep)

Stuart Harrison (Lab)

Elizabeth Little (Indep)

Joseph Powell (Cons)*

Phil Whitehouse (Cons)*


Robert Strachan (Cons)*

Catherine Wood (Lab)

Mease Valley

Roger Bennion (Lib Dem)

Ashley Yeates (Cons)


Matthew Field (Lab)

David Salter (Cons)*

St John’s (three seats)

Jeyan Anketell (Lab)

Deb Baker (Cons)*

Colin Greatorex (Cons)*

Rosemary Harvey-Coggins (Lab)

John Patrick Madden (Indep)

Tim Matthews (Cons)*

Simon Partridge (Green)

John Smith (Lib Dem)

Stowe (three seats)

Hugh Ashton (Lib Dem)

Russell Bragger (Lab)

Ann Hughes (Lab)

Angela Lax (Cons)*

Paul McDermott (Lib Dem)

Jon O’Hagan (Cons)*

Marcus Simmons (Cons)

Summerfield and All Saints (three seats)

Sharon Banevicius (Lab)*

Kathy Coe (Lab)*

Michael Galvin (Lab)

Sammy Goody (Indep)

Nicola Greensill (Cons)*

Richard Stephenson (Cons)

Heather Tranter (Cons)

Whittington and Streethay (three seats)

Claire Booker (Lab)

Richard Holland (Cons)*

Jennifer Mackintosh (Lab)

Mark Pritchard (Lab)

Andrew Rushton (Lib Dem)

Harry Warburton (Cons)*

Alan White (Cons)*

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