Time for ‘bungling’ Prime Minister to go, declare angry Black Country shoppers

Shoppers in Walsall town centre said they want to see the back of Prime Minister Boris Johnson after claims that he attended a garden party when the rest of the UK was in lockdown.

Sarah and Kevin Appleby
Sarah and Kevin Appleby

A leaked email reportedly showed that in May 2020 a senior civil servant invited around 100 staff to a 'bring your own booze' social at 10 Downing Street.

Eyewitnesses claimed that more than 30 people were present including Mr Johnson and his wife Carrie Symonds.

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Housewife Sonia Akhtar, 32, of Bentley Drive, Reedswood, said: "I think he should stand down. He is telling us to do one thing and then he does something else.

"If there's a lockdown then everyone needs to stick to it.

Sobia Akhtar

"NHS staff are getting ill looking after patients with Covid and are paying a heavy price because the rules are all over the place, for example wearing of masks needs to be clearer.

"If he's not obeying his own rules, what does he think other people are going to do?"

Her sister Sobia Akhtar, 31, said: "The lockdown started too late in my opinion. Boris should be spending more time sorting out the Covid measures rather than having parties.

"When he realised that other countries were tightening up their travel rules when the infection rates were rising, we should have done the same.

"In 2020 many people had to spend Christmas alone at home. He changed that rule in 2021 and allowed us to mix, but only because he had been found out."

Robin Smith

Sales assistant Robin Smith, 31, of Manor Road, said: "I would like the Prime Minister to come clean if it's true.

"Boris needs to sort out the goods delivery problems caused by Brexit. We're getting supply backlogs because the goods are coming from Europe, but when it gets to the ports we cannot get them due to of the shortage of drivers.

"He needs to get his priorities right."

Park Street, in Walsall town centre

Town centre residents Sarah and Kevin Appleby, of Navigation Street, were also not impressed.

Mrs Appleby, 47, an enforcement worker, said: "Boris should get the sack. He needs to be gone. It's disgusting behaviour.

"It's ridiculous that he's still in post. We've been talking about it all day. We definitely need a new Prime Minister, but probably not a whole change of Government."

Mr Appleby, 51, a delivery driver, said: "He's a bungling mess."

Unemployed gardener David Watkins, 51, of St Matthew's, said: "He should go, and the rest of the Government should go with him. They are hopeless.

"They have allowed the virus to spread and the public sector is in a dire state. If anyone looking at this country thinks it's is in a strong position, they need to think again."

Christina Gredzinski

Retired shop worker and town centre resident Christina Gredzinski), 61, added: "I would like him to go. The Government keeps changing the rules and the result is that nobody knows what they are supposed to be doing.

"I am disappointed to hear that Boris Johnson had a party in the height of the pandemic, but it's not surprising after what we've heard previously. They seem to do what they like."

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