Rupert Lowe: Time to put country before party in Brexit deadlock

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Rupert Lowe, Brexit Party MEP for the West Midlands, says a free trade deal between the UK and the EU would solve the damaging Brexit deadlock.

West Midlands MEP Rupert Lowe

The incredible support for The Brexit Party in both the recent European elections and the Peterborough by-election demonstrates the frustration of the British public at the failure of Westminster to respect and enact the will of the people, writes Rupert Lower.

It has become clear from the incompetent and duplicitous negotiations still ongoing over Brexit that the British public are not being represented by politicians who instead appear to be putting their individual careers and Party allegiance before their country, writes Rupert Lowe.

I do not think that this will change until we see honest, straightforward and successful people elected to represent the interests of both their country and constituency.

The Brexit Party is full of many such people giving us the opportunity to overhaul the two party system, restructure Government and provide the right environment for the British people to showcase their considerable talents worldwide.

Messrs Corbyn and McDonnell, two ageing Marxists with the menacing Momentum behind them would do substantially more damage than Brexit.

Venezuela and the collapse of the Soviet Union provide ample evidence of both the human and economic cost of centrally planned economies.

Telling the truth

In George Orwell’s words ‘during times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act’. I believe that this is what The Brexit Party is doing; telling the truth and this is being met with intense resistance by the political establishment


Over 20 years ago, in 1997 The Referendum Party, funded by Sir James Goldsmith, campaigned under the banner ‘Let The People Decide’. That decision referred to our relationship with Europe as the three major UK political parties prepared to surrender our currency and with it our Gold reserves to Europe and adopt ‘the Euro’.

We were promised that the Euro would bring better employment prospects and higher living standards to 300 million people living in Europe.

But they were wrong. The reality is that the Euro was a last desperate attempt by the post-war elite who, having failed to deliver political union, foisted the Euro on an unsuspecting public to try and forge monetary union.

The Referendum Party won enough votes to persuade Mr Blair, Mr Major and Mr Ashdown to abandon plans to surrender our currency which with the benefit of hindsight was a Godsend.


The Euro is now grinding the weaker economies of Europe into poverty and curbing European growth which has halved since the 1990’s as a percentage of the world economy.

In the long term the Euro is simply unsustainable but while the European Central Bank runs a policy of negative interest rates and massive intervention in the form of quantitative easing through the purchase of worthless Sovereign bonds the agony in which we find ourselves will continue.

When the British people were finally given a Referendum on whether or not to continue their EU membership in June 2016 they defied the Government’s Project Fear and ignored their high-handed advice to ‘vote remain’ instead voting by a clear majority to leave.

That this democratic decision has still not been delivered demonstrates a deeply entrenched plan of the post war elite to eviscerate the nation state in favour of a European superstate.

It is ironic that the recent D Day remembrance celebrations featured the sacrifices of the valiant people who lost their lives to protect our democratic way of life.

Their sacrifice was almost immediately followed by a ‘nanny knows best’ undemocratic blueprint to create one Europe founded on deceit. It was necessary ‘to watch what the hands were doing not what the mouth was saying’.


Our elected politicians have silently over many years transferred Britain’s sovereignty to the European Union beginning with the 1957 Treaty of Rome followed by the European Communities Act of 1972 , the Single European Act of 1987, the 1992 Maastricht Treaty and the Lisbon Treaty of 2007. Had they signed up for the Euro as well we would now be a vassal state not a proud sovereign democracy.

I have never understood the need to conflate trade with the surrender of our sovereignty. After 1815 when we defeated Napoleon at Waterloo, Europe had a golden period of free trade until the Kaiser and then Hitler had an attempt at European domination.

The recent negotiation of our exit from the European Union has again demonstrated the misalignment between the current political establishment and the people. We hold all the cards with our economy representing the same economic contribution as the 19 smallest members of the EU.

We are the second largest contributor to the EU budget, our intelligence services are the best in Europe and we have a trade deficit of £96 billion with the EU. In spite of his we have allowed the EU to insist that we agree a financial payment (which ignores our capital contribution over many years) as well as other pre-conditions.

Their treatment of us has been highly disrespectful and in breech of Article 8 of the Lisbon Treaty.

Our Prime Minister Teresa May ended up with a ‘pig’ deal which was neither ‘fish nor fowl’ and would have been significantly worse than staying in the EU.

Our civil service has lost sight of who they serve and by whom they are paid.

Our elected politicians winnowed out by Blair and Cameron’s selection processes founded on the principles of political correctness resulting in a selection of unprincipled, duplicitous and largely incompetent puppets who provide entertainment for the BBC and other organs of the media manipulated by a cronyist, often EU funded public relations industry.

Margaret Thatcher once asserted that ‘advisers advise but ministers decide’ and it is evident that this has not been the case over the Brexit negotiations.

The logical and responsible solution now must be to make it clear to the EU Commission that we favour a sensible and co-operative free trade deal that builds on the relationship that currently exists.

This is in the best interests of both Britain and Europe. If this is not forthcoming then we have to leave on WTO rules on October 31st 2019 following which I believe that the economic reality of the weak European position will ensure that common sense prevails.

It cannot be right for the unelected European Commission to ‘make an example’ of Britain at the expense of both European citizens and the countries that fund them.

Under no circumstances should we make further sorties to reopen negotiations and suffer the lack of courtesy that we have endured at the hands of Messrs Junker, Tusk and Barnier who have clearly overplayed their collective hand.


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