Nigel Farage to discuss new 'Brexit Party' with West Midlands MEPs

By Pete Madeley | Politics | Published:

West Midlands MEPs are set to meet Nigel Farage this week to discuss standing for the newly formed Brexit Party.

West Midlands MEP Bill Etheridge

The former UKIP leader's new party was recognised by the Electoral Commission last week and will fight the election if Brexit is delayed.

Mr Farage could also lead the Brexit Party into this year's European Parliamentary elections if Theresa May extends Article 50.

Bill Etheridge is one of a number of Euro MPs interested in joining up – and claimed there was "incredible desire" for it among the public.

'Astonishing interest'

"In the pubs of the Black Country over the weekend I had queues of people asking me how they can join," said Mr Etheridge, who quit UKIP last year claiming it had lurched towards the far right.

"The interest at such an early stage is quite astonishing. It's clear that we are at a perfect stalemate, with the EU unwilling to give an inch on the backstop, and Theresa May unable to get hear deal through Parliament.

"They will never sanction 'no deal', which leaves us with the current impasse. It now seems certain that Article 50 will be extended and quite frankly, people have had enough of this dragging on."

Mr Etheridge, who is now a member of the Libertarian Party, said he hoped to meet with Mr Farage in Strasbourg later this week.


He added: "I will be interested to hear what Nigel has to say about his plans for the party, as will many other MEPs."

Mr Farage has said he will stand for the new Brexit Party if the UK’s departure from the EU was delayed beyond March 29.

He said the party was a warning to any MPs looking to extend Brexit, claiming that they need “to be aware there could be a very serious electoral threat to them”.

He added that 15,000 people had subscribed to email updates for the party in the first 24 hours after it was officially registered.

"If Labour or the Conservatives think they can just kick this can down the road and not deliver Brexit without consequences, they've got another thing coming," Mr Farage said.

Pete Madeley

By Pete Madeley

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