Corbyn launches scathing attack on Tory cuts at Black Country rally – WITH VIDEO AND PICTURES

Jeremy Corbyn used a post-Budget rally in the Black Country to rail against Tory cuts as he pledged to bring an end to austerity by ramping up taxes for the rich.

Corbyn launches scathing attack on Tory cuts at Black Country rally – WITH VIDEO AND PICTURES

The Labour leader launched a scathing attack on the Government when he addressed a crowd of Labour activists at the Bethel Convention Centre, Kelvin Way, West Bromwich, tonight.

Jeremy Corbyn in West Bromwich

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He was joined by deputy leader and West Bromwich East MP Tom Watson and shadow chancellor John McDonnell in his call for the Prime Minister to 'finally put an end to austerity'.

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Hear what the Labour leader had to say to our reporter

Mr Corbyn has predicted that Chancellor Philip Hammond's Budget will 'unravel' within days, continuing the 'misery' for people across the country.

He said the UK economy was 'on its knees' and that the Government had failed in its attempts to build 'an economy fit for the future'.

"Philip Hammond has not given a penny more for our police," he said. "Nothing for West Midlands Police who have suffered £145 million in cuts and the loss of 2,000 officers while crime is on the up.

"Other than a tiny amount for maths teaching there is not a penny more for education. But in the Black Country, £49 million is being cut from schools’ budgets. How are they supposed to cope?

"There is not a penny more for social care, for mental health or children’s services. Not a penny more for our fire service.

"And not a penny more for our public sector workers who, like everyone else, will see their living standards continue to fall for years to come.

"Unlike the Tory Chancellor, Labour will ask the very richest in our society to pay a bit more so we can properly fund our NHS, social care, education, the police and the other public services we all rely on.

"The next Labour government will invest in our people, and in our industries, and build an economy that works for the many, not the few."

Mr Corbyn told the rally of around 1,000 Labour members that although the Tories 'said a great deal about housing in the budget', there had been 'no commitment' to tackling the 'scandal' of homelessness or building more social housing.

WATCH: Supporters give their reaction to the speech

"There's no greater issue than housing," he said.

"The Tories said a great deal about about housing in the budget, but there were two things missing.

"A real commitment to build the council housing that we need all across this country, giving everyone who needs one somewhere secure and safe with a lifetime tenancy."

Calling for an overhaul of the regulation of the private rented sector, he added that 'in the face of the scandal of so many rough sleepers across this country, the Chancellor offered three pilot schemes to look at the issue'.

Mr Corbyn said: "The issues are not complicated – people do not sleep rough because they prefer to sleep out on a November night, they sleep out because they're totally desperate."

He also aimed a jibe at critics of Labour spending plans, saying 'the magic money tree is doing really well - it's in the Cayman Islands, it's in the British Virgin Islands, it's in the Isle of Man, it's in the Channel Islands, and it's absolutely fine'.

He added: "And so those people that are so witty and clever about how they've avoided taxation, I simply say this to them: sadly one day you may be old, sadly one day you may get a heart attack, sadly, one day your house might catch fire.

"At that point, please remember the way you short-changed our public services by avoiding taxation."

Other speakers at the event included 'policy guru' Faiza Shaheen from the union-backed think tank Class, and Cat Hobbs from left-wing campaign group We Own It.

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