UKIP MEP Bill Etheridge warns of 'rivers of blood' caused by multiculturalism

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A Black Country UKIP politician has echoed Enoch Powell and warned that multiculturalism "will lead to rivers of blood".

The outspoken politician made the comments in an address to the Europe of Freedom & Direct Democracy (EFDD) Group in Dudley.

Mr Etheridge began by saying that Enoch Powell was right when he said "those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad".

He said: "The creed of multiculturalism is in fact a creed of surrender and it will lead to rivers of blood. A multi ethnic Britain is fine and works well, a multicultural Britain is diversive not just diverse. Yes remember where you came from but understand that when you have arrived here you must embrace British values there is no alternative."

In his "Rivers of Blood" speech Conservative MP Enoch Powell compared UK immigration to watching a nation piling up its own funeral pyre.

The speech gained its title in reference to Mr Powell's announcement that, "As I look ahead ... I seem to see the River Tiber foaming with much blood."

Mr Etheridge blamed open door immigration for increasing the terrorist threat in Europe.

He said: "The catastrophic effects of open door immigration across the EU have given ISIS the opportunity send over potential terrorists amongst the thousands of mostly young and male immigrants who continue to flood the continent and in ever increasing numbers our country."

Mr Etheridge, who is also a Dudley councillor, also warned that the European Union is a 'weakness' in the "war to the death" against the "satanic savagery" of Islamic State, as well as stressing the importance of recognising who is involved in this 'war'.


"We are not fighting all Muslims, we are not fighting Syria or Iraq we are fighting those who wish to destroy our civilised, freedom loving western values and replace them with ideas better suited to the dark ages."

Mr Powell delivered his "Rivers of Blood" speech to a Conservative Association meeting in Birmingham in 1968.

In the speech the MP for Wolverhampton South West attacked the Government for allowing too many immigrants into the UK.

Mr Etheridge said: "We cannot effectively fight this war while allowing our enemy free unfettered or checked entry to our territory."

The speech was at The Brambles Hotel in Dudley on Friday.

Mr Etheridge is a vocal opponent of the West Midlands Combined Authority and has previously been criticised for being part of a Facebook group that called for a 'crusade' against Islam.

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